IPhone is a coveted possession that usually remains with a person for 2-3 years before it is replaced with the next generation of phone. This is unlike other smart phones which are replaced quickly within an year. Hence, we have come up with common repair issues in a iphone.

Screen Replacement

The most common issue with a iphone is display related issues. A single fall and the display may break. The cost of repair depends on the repair path that you may take. Service center repair will be good. However, they may charge between Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 based on the iphone model.

You may opt a local repair shop which may use sub standard part. If the technician is not knowledgable, he may completely spoil your phone.

You may choose Helpforsure  and they may do the repair at 30% to 40% of the cost in a Authorised Service Centre.

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Touch ID/Fingerprint related issue

Lot of the times, it is seen that the iphone’s display is ok. However, the touch ID or the fingerprint starts malfunctioning. You may want to go through the Apple support to get it working. If it still doesn’t work, you may have to take it to an authorised service centre for repair. They may be able to replace the damaged/faulty finger print.

Back panel damaged or broken

IPhone back panel may get damaged after a fall. This may spoil the complete look of the phone.Hence, it is better to change the panel.

Unlike other smart phones, iphone’s back panel is extremely important with  the full circuitry attached to the panel. Back panel contains the complete circuitry of the phone up to iphone 6 series.

From iphone 7 onwards, the back panel is just a back glass and can be replaced easily without too much of a hassle.

Helpforsure offer back glass repair at an economical price. Back panel/glass replacement can be done at a fraction of a cost. We have expert IPhone Technicians who can perform back panel change.

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Speaker/Mic Issue

Speaker or Mic may start malfunctioning after a fall. Follow the basic steps provided by Apple.

If this doesn’t work, your speaker/mic which is located inside the phone may have been physically damaged. Luckily the iphone parts with Helpforsure. We can replace the speaker/mic at an economical cost.

In rare cases, it may happen that the speaker or mic itself may be ok. But the motherboard of the iphone may have developed issues. Helpforsure has complete expertise in motherboard related issues and this issue can be easily fixed.

Apple authorised service centre doesn’t perform speaker/mic replacement. They will recommend a motherboard replacement which would be 70% of the phone cost. For instance, if you have purchased the iphone for Rs 60,000, the motherboard replacement would be for Rs 42,000.

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Apple ID is not available

So you have the phone and you have forgotten the Apple ID. No worries, you can generate the password by using the forgot password. You will get a mail on the email id attached to your apple id. You can subsequently change the password.

In case you do not have access to the email, apple considers that you are not the owner of the device.

Battery Issues

IPhone may develop battery issues. Some of the common battery issues are as follows.

  • IPhone battery life may decrease over a period of time. You may have to do frequent charging of the iphone. The only solution for this problem would be a battery change. Helpforsure has batteries available for all models.
  • IPhone may not charge and may get switched off after you remove the charger. This may be a motherboard issue and can be repaired by an Expert Technician. Helpforsure has Technicians available that can solve this issue.
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Charging Port Damaged

Charging port could get damaged after prolonged usage of the phone. Charging port replacement will not be usually done in an Apple Authorised service centre. Charging port CC board is available with Helpforsure and we can get it repaired at a reasonable cost.

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Face ID not working

So the face ID in your iPhone has stopped working. Please follow the following basic steps provided in this post  in the post provided by Apple. If the face ID doesn’t work after a fall, it may be a hardware issue. The hardware issue could be related to True Depth Camera.  The Face ID may also stop working if the Display is broken after a fall. This may cause the glass to shatter and may be the reason that the face detection is not correctly getting done by the phone.

Please take the help of a Qualified Technician to get the issue fixed. It may require a Display change or Camera replacement.

Network Issue

Network issues could be related to software or hardware. Some of the common issues are listed in the post by Apple. If this doesn’t work, the issue could be a motherboard issue. The network circuit inside the motherboard of your iphone may have a issue.

Helpforsure has Expert Technicians who can perform motherboard repair at a reasonable cost.

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