We get this question from our customers about  how would we compare Xiaomi Authorised Service Centre Repair Vs Helpforsure Repair. Here are a few quick points.


While the spare part pricing of Xiaomi seems attractive, the total cost of repair is around 30% to 40% higher. Xiaomi Authorised Service Center charges Rs 450 additional fitting charges. Also, GST is additionally applied on repair. Helpforsure provides all inclusive pricing on repairs. Please check the prices here. In addition, lot of the Xiaomi Mobile devices are not supported in an authorised service centre and support for them is deprecated. Hence for some of the devices, repair in a authorised service centre is not possible.

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Helpforsure use thoroughly tested parts and we provide 6 months of warranty on repairs. Xiaomi Authorised Service Centre provides standard 3 months of warranty on repairs.

Services Offered

Xiaomi Authorised Service centre provides only a  few component level services. Some of the standardised services are screen replacement and motherboard replacement. If you have a charging pin issue or a speaker/mic issue, authorised service center would propose a full motherboard replacement which would be very costly. Dead phone or water damaged phone repair is not performed in the Service Centre.

Helpforsure offers a complete range of services that includes Screen Replacement, Speaker/Mic issue repair, back panel replacement, charging pin repair, finger print repair, volume/power button repair. All this is done at a reasonable price point.

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Convenience Offered

Authorised Xiaomi Service Centre provides service at a physical store. You will have to go to a service centre, get a token and wait for your turn. The display replacement could happen the same day based on part availability. If the queue is there, you may have to wait several hours for your turn.

Helpforsure offers same day free pickup and delivery services. You don’t have to visit a service centre to get your phone repaired.

We are currently present in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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