To many people, their MacBook is an investment purchase. While the cost of a MacBook or MacBook repairs and maintenance are typically higher than that of a basic PC, MacBook users claim to be happier with longer device life and fewer problems like malware and security that tend to hurt a lot of PCs. Many claim that once they go Mac, they can’t go back.

Since damaged MacBooks can be difficult and expensive to repair, here are a few preemptive tips to ensure that your Macbook software and hardware stays in tip-top condition:

Clean your MacBook regularly

Simply picking up a damp cloth and gently wiping your MacBook screen increases its longevity. In metro cities in India like Bangalore and Hyderabad, the dust from city pollution can kill your laptop. It can form a thick layer on the surface of the screen and keyboards and find ways to enter the internal parts of your device. There is no escaping dust in cities, but taking measures to maintain your MacBook will ensure it does not get damaged.

As per Apple’s MacBook care guidelines, it is important to shut down the MacBook before you begin to clean it. Under no circumstances should anyone use aerosol sprays, solvents or abrasives. While a damp cloth can wipe the dust away, liquids or sprays should never directly come in contact with the MacBook. Liquids and sprays can damage screens and internal hardware, making a screen replacement or keyboard replacement necessary.

Keep the Mac software updated

MacOS updates are absolutely free of cost. They fix bugs, general errors and enhance the user experience with every update. Upgrading to the new software updates as soon as there is a fresh release will generally increase the efficiency of the machine.

On the other hand, procrastinating the update by pushing it to a later date or working on older Mac software can slow a machine down significantly. In the long run, it will lead to requiring a RAM upgrade or a hard-disk upgrade. It is way easier to periodically update the software to make sure it is in top condition. If you have an update waiting for you, reboot your Mac and update it now!

Declutter your MacBook

MacBooks are high functioning, multi-tasking machines. The honeymoon period during which you feel like your machine can handle anything lasts longer than it does with most other laptops, but it does eventually end. Cluttering your MacBook with applications you have not touched in months and files that you would not notice if they were deleted can slow it down immensely.

Taking simple steps like clearing your desktop, reducing the dependency on the local hard disk and storing files on cloud, deleting applications that you don’t regularly use and getting rid of duplicate files can give a big boost to your MacBook. These can be done manually every few weeks or with the help of several standalone decluttering applications that will help you maintain your MacBook. Regular decluttering will give you smooth performance, reducing the need for any MacBook RAM upgrade in the future.

Shut your MacBook down periodically

The way we use laptops today, we forget that our machines also need rest. Shutting a laptop down every now and then is not new advice but it is forgotten so often. Computer technicians still recommend shutting down your laptop once a week at the very least. This allows the MacBook to reboot, rest and gives it a fresh start.

While this nominal act might seem unnecessary especially on newer MacBooks, it frees up RAM space. This makes the MacBook performance smoother and increases the life of the device greatly.

Replace your hard drive with an SSD

Traditional spinning hard drives can take a toll on your MacBook in the long run. If you are technically proficient or have access to a technician, replacing the hard drive with a solid-state-drive (SSD) is a game changer for your MacBook performance.

To ensure this is done right, it is better to hire a technician to ensure the new hard drive is cloned properly and integrates with your MacBook seamlessly. Call 9980879514 or fill out a form to get a quote.

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