The iPhone is not just another smartphone. It’s more than a device. The iPhone is the iPhone, and no one can change that. Ever. If you happen to be an iPhone owner, you might know how and what all it takes to get your hands on this power brand. Apart from much courage and love for it, you also spent a good amount of your savings to buy that sleek Apple baby.

Now that you’re an honourable iPhone owner, you should take every step to make sure your iPhone continues working smoothly. Here, we’ve listed out few useful tips and tricks for you to maintain your iPhone so that it stays with you for a longer time.

Clean your iPhone…that’s basic!

According to Apple, a soft, damp, lint-free cotton cloth can be used for cleaning your phone. Do it as carefully as you would not want the water to get inside the ports, buttons, or any other possible openings. Just avoid abrasive cleaning material as it could result in scratches. Due to constant usage, phones are subject to natural wear and tear, but you can still curb it by cleaning your iPhone regularly.

Calibrate your iPhone battery…it’s not rocket science!

One of the most common ways to maintain iPhone battery life is to have it calibrated on a regular basis. It not only helps in slowing down battery-draining but also increases its lifespan.

Steps to calibrate iPhone battery

  • Let the battery drain out completely
  • Leave your phone off for at least 3 hours
  • Plug-in to charge your device
  • Repeat the above steps once again

Congratulations! Now that you’ve got your iPhone battery duly calibrated, you may now enjoy a more durable battery performance.

Manage its battery wisely…you may be surprised at this!

Apple recommends charging phones only until it reaches 50%. Avoid keeping your iPhone idle for a long time either with a full charge or zero charge altogether. The battery life tends to shorten when it is kept idle with a full charge. Meanwhile, when the battery is drained out, it can end up falling into a completely discharged state. 

Declutter storage space…declutter your life basically!

All kinds of media including photos, videos, music, etc. usually eat up most of the storage space. It is advisable to keep pruning your phone’s data on a regular basis so that your phone does not hang while you’re clicking photos or downloading new apps. Additionally, clearing out browser data, deleting unwanted apps, and removing offline files can help big time.

Close apps running in the background…don’t have those ghosts lurking around!

Background apps are one of the major contributors to slowing down iPhones. You can always choose to detect those cumbersome apps and close them. This way, you’re not only improving your phone’s performance but also saving its battery life. The easiest way is to tap the Home button twice and swipe-up a thumbnail to close multiple apps at once.

Backup your data regularly…’coz your data is as precious as your phone itself!

It is always a wise act to keep backing up all your data on a regular basis. By doing so, you’re not only taking off burden from your precious iPhone but also preserving your memories over time. You can use iTunes, iCloud, or any other third-party option for the back-up. Hence, make sure you get your iOS backed up for its smoother and more effective functioning.

Let Siri have some rest

If you’re not too fond of Siri or are just not talking to her at-the-moment, it is advisable to bid her goodbye. That’s because when not in use, the Siri feature tends to drain the battery. Whenever your iOS is charging, it will keep listening to “Hey Siri” and have the battery performance affected. Turn it off by simply going to Settings > General > Siri and toggle off the Allow “Hey Siri”.

Save it from extreme weather conditions

Note that iOS devices really work to their best capacity between 32° to 95° F i.e. 0° to 35°C. Hence, avoid using your phone in excessive cold or heat as it can have a negative impact on the battery. It could also lead to faster battery drain.

Get a good screen guard…your iPhone deserves it!

Most iPhone users crib about getting their screens damaged for some reason or the other. Make sure you protect your iOS screen with a good quality screen guard. As soon as you get the new device, buy yourself a screen protector too. Be smart, and don’t end up messing your precious iPhone screen.

Enabled Automatic Downloads? Turn them off.

Automatic updates for music, apps, iOS etc. again affects your phone performance, resulting in its slowing down. You can save your iPhone from this slowdown by turning off automatic downloads. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and toggle off Use Cellular Data. By doing so, your phone will only update on Wi-Fi. The above steps are sure to help your iPhone last longer. If you still face issues on your iPhone or need iPhone screen replacement, iPhone repair in Bangalore, or iPhone repair in Hyderabad, you can always get in touch with HelpForSure.

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