Laptop cleaning

We love our laptops, don’t we? And, why not? After all, they are the best mix of 3Ps we could ever have — Power, Portability, Productivity. But Laptop cleaning is often ignored by most people.

Whether at work or leisure, our laptops have been by our side almost every time. But how are we paying back to our beloved laptops? Many a time, we don’t even realize that our laptops are being insanely overused; unless of course, they’re gasping for breath. Let alone leaving them alone for some while, we rarely indulge in giving them a dose of TLC. 

Worry not. “Better late than never”, remember? Here are a few hacks for laptop cleaning to make it look and work like NEW!

Laptop Cleaning hacks for the Body (Hardware)

Spend an extra for a Protective Cover

First things first. In case you haven’t yet, get your laptop a brand new protective cover to safeguard it against all possible scratches and dings. A laptop cover, especially snap-on hardshell ones not only keep it clean but also protect laptops from further damages. Choose from a variety of trendy colours or go for classic black for the business look. 

Put your Sticky Tapes to use

Dirt accumulated along the keyboard can sometimes be tricky to get rid of. However, sticky tapes can come handy and make your keyboard look squeaky clean. Cut a sizeable piece of sticky tape and dab your fingers on the sticky side a couple of times to reduce its adhesive. Facedown and slide the sticky tape around your keyboard to remove the dirt particles. 

Vinegar + Water for Laptop Screen

Dusty or slimy laptop screen? No worries — vinegar and water are here to your rescue. Mix equal proportions of vinegar and water and use a damp cloth or cotton ball to wipe up your laptop. Vinegar is a gentle, natural cleansing agent that won’t damage the screen; instead, it will brighten up the cleaning surface. 

Avoid eating or drinking near your laptop

Laptop cleaning should begin with prevention. You might never know but snacking near your laptop can turn into a nightmare as mishaps like coffee spilling is a trauma in itself. It’s better to keep your laptop away while you’re enjoying your meals. Take special care when you need to carry them to cafes or eateries so that your laptops don’t end up eating half of your food!

Laptop Cleaning Hacks for the Soul (Software)

Cleanup & Backup your Data 

A lot of unused data lying here and there can affect the smooth functioning of your system. If you wish to get rid of them forever, use Windows Disk Cleanup and make room for new data. However, you can always have the data backed up on an External Hard Drive for future reference. 

Get rid of unwanted Programs

Figure out rarely used programs from the Control Panel > Programs & Features settings. Select Programs which have not been used for more than a month to save disk space. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall A Program, select the program you want to delete and click Uninstall. 

Declutter Startup items 

You might have programs that automatically start as soon as you switch on your laptop. Items like video managers, messenger programs, etc. can be memory guzzlers affecting your laptop’s performance. Go to Task Manager, select the Startup option, and Disable the Programs you wish to discontinue running on your system.

Use Trusted & Effective Antivirus

It is always advisable to use an antivirus software for safeguarding your laptop against possible threats. Go for a trusted and effective antivirus brand that will secure your device from phishing, spam, malware, viruses, spyware, etc. Besides, nowadays antivirus software are much easier on the system and do not hamper its functioning in any way. 

The above laptop cleaning hacks are sure to reward you big time. In case you need any assistance in taking care of your device or best laptop repair services, you can always reach HelpforSure and we’ll have you sorted!

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