Smartpone overheating

It is normal for smartphones to get warm while they’re charging or being used continuously. After all, the phone is an electronic device, and it may warm up due to electricity. However, it gets serious when they turn too hot to handle – literally!

Whether you’re streaming videos back-to-back or when it’s too hot outside, here we’ve listed down possible mobile overheating reasons and ways to fix them.

Most likely causes of mobile overheating

Technically, there are several causes due to which your mobiles warm up to some extent in a bid to utilize more power than usual. Let’s look at some of the most common ones:

  1. Can’t get enough of gaming?

Given the high intensity of certain gaming apps, they tend to use your phone’s central processing core along with the graphics processing unit. This results in your phone to overheat.

2. Untamed phone settings

Mobiles getting hot depend a lot on the way phone settings are managed. Whether it’s your screen brightness turned to the max, dozens of widgets, or you’ve got an animated wallpaper set, these factors lay an unnecessary impact on your mobile’s CPU and cause it to get hot.

3. Netflix & ‘no’ Chill

Streaming online content from popular platforms like YouTube and Netflix hampers the phone just like gaming apps do. When the display is active for several hours together, it inevitably fires the phone.

Quick ways to cool down mobile overheating

If you cannot really stay away from your phone for most of the time, try these quick and simple ways to at least cool it down.

Low Power Mode – iPhone users could switch on Low Power Mode to prevent phone overheating, while Android users can keep their devices cool by enabling Battery Saver Mode.

Lower screen brightness – Setting your screen brightness at a considerable level can surely take much load off your phone’s battery.

Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – Toggle off features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. to prevent battery draining and keep your phone cool.

Phone restart – Try restarting your phone frequently to avoid it from getting overheated due to apps and software issues.

Junk cleaners – Installing junk cleaner apps identify and clear out unwanted files from your phone. They also aid in the phone’s performance and extend its battery life.

Prevention is Better than Cure – even for Phones!

Here are some of the basic phone care tips and tricks you can follow to prevent your phone to overheat:

Correct phone charging – Maintain a proper place for charging your phone. Mount it on a hard surface, which wouldn’t transmit or conduct heat.

Apps update – Keeping apps updated fixes mobile overheating issue to a great extent. If it still persists, try uninstalling recently installed apps as they might have bugs.

Protect from heat – Avoid leaving your phone at places where temperatures are considerably high. Better cover your phone so that it doesn’t come in direct contact with hot surfaces.

In case your phone is still facing an overheating issue, it is advisable to get it checked professionally checked. Book a mobile repair with HelpforSure today!

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