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Laptop hard disk failure is one of the most common laptop hardware problems. As well, laptop hard disk failures take place more often than those in desktops. Mishaps like the laptop sliding down or something falling onto your laptop are enough to damage the hard disk.

Below is a brief guide of top reasons and solutions when laptops run into a hard disk failure.

Hardware Faults – Faulty hardware component, need we say more?

Reason – The read/ write heads touching into the disks of the device cause damage to the platter’s magnetic surface. The damage can lead to permanent data loss.

Solution – Faulty hard disks can be returned to the manufacturer while they are still under warranty. However, in these cases, you may lose crucial data stored on the hard drive if at all it had been in use. 

Human Error – We humans are not able to handle our life well, let alone our laptops!

Reason – Failure to handle the hard disk effectively can lead to uncertainties like accidental deletion of crucial files, slipping the hard drive, and so on.

Solution – Human errors are the most common reason for hard disk failure. But with little diligence and alertness in handling the systems, hard drive mishaps can be curbed to a great extent.

Internal Failure – When your system decides to give you some freezing lessons with constantly clicking sounds from the hardware.

Reason – The moving parts inside the hard drive may face wear-and-tear with time, mechanically damaging the hard disk. Mechanical failures can also take place due to viruses, which affect the data on the hard disk.

Solution – Some of the common steps to enhance laptop hard disk life include updating the system regularly, using the latest antivirus program, and replacing the hard drive within 4-5 years of usage.

Power Surges – When power decides to play your system with frequent droppings, causing it to restart several times.  

Reason – The UPS gets unresponsive and either delivers too high or too low power. Natural causes like lightning strikes and thunder are also responsible for power surges.

Solution – Go for the best quality UPS from a well-known brand to avoid electronic failures. Also, keep your system turned off when it is not in use for longer periods of time. Consult HelpforSure for assured laptop repair assistance. 

Corrupt Files – Have a flight to catch? Spare a few more seconds and stay patient while your poor system is trying to restart or shutdown.

Reason – Unsystematic ways of system shutdown, accidentally closing programs, faulty applications, and irregular power can lead to damaging files. 

Solution – Always wait for all programs to close properly before shutting down the system. Make sure not to force shutdown either programs or the system to prevent hard disk failures. Also, avoid installing faulty applications as they carry malicious ware. If the problem persists, lookout for a trusted laptop repair service. 

In case you too are facing serious laptop hard drive issues, reach out to HelpforSure laptop repair services and get it fixed by our expert professionals.

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