The DIY guide to common laptop problems
Laptop problem

With the amount of workload our laptops face every day, it’s bound to run into a few hiccups now and then. After all, it is just a machine. So, we thought to put together a list of common issues most people have and ways you can troubleshoot/resolve these laptop problems yourself. Problem: Your laptop refuses to start no matter how many times you try Reason: Although a booting issue can be caused by myriad reasons, […]

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How To Maintain Your MacBook in 2019

To many people, their MacBook is an investment purchase. While the cost of a MacBook or MacBook repairs and maintenance are typically higher than that of a basic PC, MacBook users claim to be happier with longer device life and fewer problems like malware and security that tend to hurt a lot of PCs. Many claim that once they go Mac, they can’t go back. Since damaged MacBooks can be difficult and expensive to repair, […]

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