Keeping your devices sanitised right way

THE RIGHT WAY FOR KEEPING YOUR MOBILE PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES SANITIZED: The world is surviving through some really tough times. From social distancing to self-isolation,  washing your hands, quarantining, wearing masks, using gloves while touching even the tiniest corner, and watching the world mould into nothing but a deathbed. People are doing anything and everything to stay safe. The COVID-19 pandemic has virus protection on top of mind as we are all embracing […]

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Samsung Smartphones Common Repair Issues

As of April 2020, around 24 percent of respondents in India, who owned a smartphone, planned to purchase a Samsung device as an upgrade. On a year-over-year basis, the brand preference for Samsung increased by over six percent. This resulted in Samsung taking the pole position. By 2022, the number of smartphone users in the south Asian nation was estimated to reach over 440 million users. Samsung, one of the biggest smartphone players in the […]

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Looking to repair your mobile? HelpForSure can help simplify your life
Help For Sure - Mobile repair image

Mobile phones have become lifelines in today’s day and age. A day without your phone, for whatever reason, seems incomplete. Whether you need your phone for work, gaming or just to stay connected with a loved one, its need remains undiminished. In such a case, when your device breaks down, you need an instant cure for the problem. That’s where HelpForSure comes in for your mobile repair needs with three easy steps: Book, schedule and […]

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