Oppo Smartphone Repair Issues.

Oppo Electronics is an electronic manufacturer based in Guangdog ,China, known for its smartphones, it was founded in 2004. It has launched a whole range of android powered smartphones. Oppo offers great specifications at much lesser price as compared to Apples and Samsung. Oppo phones comes with 8 GB of RAM and back 128GB of internal storage. As there is need and demand for the best smartphones in India , Oppo is one of the […]

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Service camp at Brigade Metropolis

Service camp in Brigade Metropolis for this Saturday and Sunday with free inspection for mobile phones and laptops organised by Helpforsure

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Mobile phone repair options in Bangalore

MOBILE PHONE SERVICE? We are dependent on our smartphones for a variety of reasons from personal to work obligations. When we require a phone repair due to a broken or cracked screen, water damage or another issue, we assume a huge hassle to fix it, but it’s not. Phone repairs are more affordable than purchasing a new smartphone and take less time than we people think. Plus, repairing phones now will save us from our […]

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5 things to do when you have cracked your phone screen
Cracked screen

We’ve all had at least one friend who goes around with a phone screen that looks like a spider’s web. But what would you do if those cracks suddenly appeared on your phone? Sometimes, even in this world of “Cornering Gorilla Glass” and “Tempered glass screen protectors”, there’s no guarantee that your phone will come out of a fall in pristine conditions. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of things you can do […]

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Looking to repair your mobile? HelpForSure can help simplify your life
Help For Sure - Mobile repair image

Mobile phones have become lifelines in today’s day and age. A day without your phone, for whatever reason, seems incomplete. Whether you need your phone for work, gaming or just to stay connected with a loved one, its need remains undiminished. In such a case, when your device breaks down, you need an instant cure for the problem. That’s where HelpForSure comes in for your mobile repair needs with three easy steps: Book, schedule and […]

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